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JINSA Hears from Congressman Mike Pence in New York

On April 12, members of the JINSA New York Cabinet enjoyed lunch with U.S. Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN).

Congressman Pence addresses the JINSA audience.Congressman Pence addresses the JINSA audience. Congressman Pence began his presentation by noting his personal, long time and unequivocal support for Israel. He shared that his initial interest in Israel was generated more than 25 years ago. At that time, the issues of the Middle East and Israel’s uniqueness as the only democracy in that area were first introduced to him by a leading citizen in his home state of Indiana.

Congressmen Pence went on to comment that he was convinced that the majority of Americans share this commitment and support, recognizing Israel as a country that reflects American values, ideals and reverence for a free and open society for all its citizens. And that Israel is a dependable ally.

Congressman Pence with JINSA New York Cabinet member Jon Burkan (on right).Congressman Pence with JINSA New York Cabinet member Jon Burkan (on right).In looking to our own country, the Congressman commented on the course and objectives of U.S. foreign policy. He believes that there is a lack of vision and clarity among the current foreign policy decision makers. He remarked that we are at war in Libya and that this is the first time that the United States has engaged in a war that did not constitute an eminent threat to our national security without congressional input, remarking “Congress wasn’t asked and therefore the American people were not asked.”

Congressman Pence also expressed concerns about American policy inconsistencies in the Middle East citing the lack of response to the uprisings in Iran in 2009. He emphasized that we know without doubt, that those who live in totalitarian societies, suffering under despotic rulers, listen carefully to the “message” sent by the United States. Consequently, he believes the United States missed an important opportunity with its weak response to not only the stolen election in Iran, but the subsequent uprisings.

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