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Lt. General David P. Fridovich, USA (ret.) Speaks to JINSA's NY Cabinet

Lt. General David P. Fridovich, USA (ret.) speaking to JINSA's New York Cabinet.Lt. General David P. Fridovich, USA (ret.) speaking to JINSA's New York Cabinet.On June 6, 2012, Lt. General David P. Fridovich spoke to JINSA's New York Cabinet in Manhattan.

General Fridovich spoke to the large crowd of JINSA Cabinet members about his experiences on the recent JINSA Generals and Admirals Trip to Israel and how important this program is for the future of defense and national security relations between the U.S. and Israel. One of the lessons that became very apparent during the trip, he said, was that Iran is behind almost all of the security threats that Israel faces

He explained to the New York Cabinet all that he and the group took away from this program and how the participants will use this information going forward. From their visit with Defense Minister Ehud Barak to the day the delegation spent in Jordan, Fridovich marveled at the high level access to people and information that JINSA provided the delegation.

Gen. Fridovich also briefly discussed his new position at JINSA. As Director of the Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategies, he will serve as JINSA’s representative to the defense community. From a policy perspective, Fridovich will also provide leadership for JINSA on the subjects of strategic analysis and military policy.

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