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JINSA Statement in JTA's "The Jewish Agenda in Washington for 2010"

The Jewish Agenda in Washington for 2010
February 1, 2010

Following President Obama's State of the Union address and the start of the new congressional year, JTA asked Jewish organizations operating in Washington the following questions: "What do you hope the administration and Congress will achieve this year, and what advice would you offer them to make it happen?"

Here's how JINSA responded:

President Obama announced impending revisions in U.S. export control laws hoping to increase American exports to help improve our economy. Congress should continue to carefully regulate “dual-use” products and technology -- those with both civilian and military application. Relaxing or abandoning controls on purchasers and/or end-users could result in adversaries and potential adversaries of the United States and Israel improving their military capabilities. Coordination with our allies is essential. For example, European companies sell products and technologies abroad that American companies currently cannot. Congress must continue to insist that sales to friendly countries not result in a pass-through to Iran, Syria or other hostile states. Direct sales to China and Russia are crucial because of their potential as adversaries. Pakistan, a well-known proliferator of weapons technology to unsavory states, should be restricted in purchases of military and certain civilian technologies. And so on. The president can propose, but Congress controls.

President Obama should clarify, emphasize and appreciate the difference in America’s approach to our friends and our adversaries. Israel and the Palestinians should not be held equidistant from the President of the United States and should not be held equally responsible for the absence of stable security in the region.

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