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Prime Minister Rabin’s Tragic Death

JINSA Report #: 

November 6, 1995

Since the tragic assassination JINSA has been overwhelmed with calls of sympathy and condolences. We have received calls from all sectors of the U.S. military, as well as embassies and from members of Congress. All expressed their admiration for Prime Minister Rabin and shared with us their great sense of loss not only for a leader of Israel but also a leader of the world.

One letter addressed to JINSA is of particular note, because it comes from the former Ambassador of Sudan. It reads in part:

“Please accept my deepest condolences and heart felt sorrow on the great tragic death of a man who was destined to lead the Israeli people, the Middle East and the world to greater heights of peace and tranquility. The memory of Prime Minister Rabin compels us to work harder… to realize a more peaceful world...”

We received a letter from an Admiral Bud Edney, which typifies the sentiments expressed by our alumni, who traveled with us to Israel. It reads in part

“Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers with the unbelievable tragedy that has befallen Israel and the world with the loss of Prime Minister Rabin. Like all who are committed to the security of Israel and the interest of progress towards a more lasting peace in the Middle East, the events of this weekend represent a loss of immeasurable magnitude for the forces of peace, civility, courage to seek a better way for future generations of all mankind...”

Aside from the JINSA press release which was sent to all of you, we received numerous inquiries not only from the American press but European and Japanese press as well.

We, in JINSA, were privileged and honored by a long-term relationship with Prime Minister Rabin. In 1988, he delivered the first Nathan Golden Lecture in Middle East Security before an audience of 250 high ranking Pentagon officials, military officers and the faculty of the National Defense University. Mr. Rabin took an active role in planning and supporting JINSA’s Flag and General Officers trip to Israel – and he met with each of the fourteen groups who went there. He had sent us a message about our next trip only a week before his tragic death.

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