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Selling Out Israel for the Praise of Dictatorships and Rivals

JINSA Report #: 

May 31, 2010

On Friday, as Americans were heading off for the long Memorial Day holiday, the Obama Administration threw Israel down the well as the U.S. delegation to the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty Review in New York voted for the conference final document, in which the Arab states demanded–and won–the singling out of Israel. Not Iran. Not North Korea. Not Pakistan.


The Obama Administration told us it would never happen, of course–at least not in the middle of the charm offensive. NSC adviser Gen. Jim Jones said the U.S Government would "not permit a conference or actions that could jeopardize Israel's national security." Gary Samore, the President's nuclear coordinator, said the delegates pushing to name only Israel sent a signal that the event would be used to isolate the country. "We will not support a meeting that puts Israel in that kind of position."

But they did.

According to The Washington Post, "As delegations prepared for a last round of talks, the conference president informed them that the latest draft of the text was a take-it-or-leave-it document, officials said. Final NPT documents require a consensus. Many diplomats had expected U.S. officials to withhold approval of the final document because of the mention of Israel."

Little did they understand the Obama Administration's priorities.

The Post continued, "The U.S. government was apparently reluctant to be viewed as the spoiler at a conference that focused on one of Obama's priorities." In another article, The Post noted, "U.S. officials said the meeting at least avoided the fate of the last NPT review, in 2005, which collapsed in rancor, with many countries accusing the George W. Bush administration of intransigence … This review's final document praised President Obama's nuclear achievements including a new arms treaty with Russia, and echoed his language on seeking a world free of nuclear weapons."

So, while the Bush Administration protected Israel and walked away from a fundamentally flawed document, the Obama Administration sold Israel out in order to be "not Bush," and for praise of itself. [Speaking of flaws, while President Obama basks in the praise of the likes of Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Brazil and Venezuela for its nuclear deal with Russia, Russia has announced plans for nuclear cooperation with Syria. Civilian, of course.]

But let's try to see it from his side. Who could blame him? All those countries calling him "not Bush." All those countries reaching out to him. All those countries waiting to praise him, the President of the United States, "not Bush." All those countries willing to sign on to his pipe dream of a world free of nuclear weapons if he would just throw the god damn Jews down the well.

At least Borat was satire.

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