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2012 Military Academies Program Report

Click here to read the full 2012 report

There is a distinct difference between older and younger American officers in their perception of and knowledge about Israel. Americans who are generations removed from the Holocaust and who consider the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War ancient history are prone to accept the media’s rather unflattering view of Israel as reality.

This is particularly challenging when newly commissioned officers graduating from the Military Academies proceed to their first assignment without a clear understanding of Israel’s strategic importance.

To bolster the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, which enhances security worldwide for both countries, JINSA created an intensive educational program for the rising generation of American military leadership. JINSA’s program achieves results. In fact, following this year’s increased outreach to the academies, we learned that the U.S. Air Force Academy has added to its curriculum a preparatory course on Israeli strategy for the cadets going to Israel. Beginning this year, program participants will be selected from cadets enrolling in this course. This is the Air Force Academy’s first ever Israel- focused course. We are working to achieve similar results with the other academies.
JINSA’s Military Academies Program is an antidote to the limited, one-dimensional view of Israel portrayed in the media – the primary source of information about Israel for most Americans. This program has two components:

  • Annual Trips to Israel for Cadets and Midshipmen studying in the American military academies.

  • Lecture series at the Military Academies conducted by Israeli defense and security professionals.

Click here to read the full 2012 report

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