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Press Release - JINSA Welcomes New Executive Director Larry Greenfield

WASHINGTON, Feb. 9, 2012 -- As the U.S. and its allies confront the Iranian nuclear threat and other critical national security challenges such as proliferation, cyber security, and asymmetric terror, the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) is pleased to announce the hiring of Larry Greenfield as its Executive Director. Greenfield brings to JINSA strong national security credentials, prior military service, and deep roots in the Jewish community.

"Larry is a proven leader whose dynamic energy and polished professionalism will strengthen our role as one of the most relevant and important institutions in Washington," says JINSA President David Ganz.

Greenfield is a Fellow in American Studies at the Claremont Institute and Senior Fellow of the American Freedom Alliance. He is a noted expert on U.S. foreign policy and the U.S.-Israel strategic relationship. Greenfield served as a reservist in U.S. Naval Intelligence and was the founding Executive Director of the non-profit Reagan Legacy Foundation. He earned his BA at UC Berkeley and a law degree at Georgetown University.

"I am deeply honored to join such a highly respected and patriotic institution such as JINSA," says Greenfield. "I am committed to ensuring that we build upon JINSA's decades of success in promoting sound American defense policy and strong defense and security cooperation with Israel."

Tom Neumann, JINSA's outgoing Executive Director, will remain intimately involved with the organization as Executive Director Emeritus and Director of Coalition Development. "After dedicating over 20 years building JINSA into an internationally respected organization, I feel confident leaving JINSA's professional leadership in Larry's more than capable hands, while I continue to strengthen the organization in my new role," says Neumann.

Greenfield adds, "Together with JINSA's dedicated and experienced staff, I am excited to work on critical issues relating to American and Israeli defense, terrorism, homeland security and American military preparedness in a complex international environment."

Greenfield's background in Jewish life includes serving as a Wexner Heritage Foundation Fellow, as a member of the National UJA Young Men's Cabinet, as Vice President of the Jewish Community Foundation of L.A., and as a regional director for the Republican Jewish Coalition and for the Israel Cancer Research Fund.

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