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Press Release: Rep. Mark Kirk Condemns Obama Admin. Iran Policy in latest Journal of International Security Affairs

WASHINGTON--In the spring 2010 issue of the Journal of International Security Affairs, released this week, Congressman (and Senate candidate) Mark Kirk, chair of the Iran Working Group in the House of Representatives, asks: "Is [President Obama] afraid that public discussions of human rights abuses in Iran will offend the regime and undermine talks over the Iranian nuclear program? If that’s the case, this Administration has lost its way when it comes to our most basic American values."

Rep. Kirk contends that it is America's moral imperative to do more to help Iranian freedom seekers. Joining Kirk are six experts, including J. Scott Carpenter, a former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State who served in the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, who contributed articles on Iran. The issue can be viewed at

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Other contributors include Alex Vatanka of the Middle East Institute, Emanuele Ottolenghi of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, Senate National Security Adviser Brian A. Miller, German political scientist and author Matthias Kuntzel and Chuck Freilich, a former Israeli national security adviser.

The spring 2010 issue also features articles on "Navigating the New Legal Order," by experts including former National Security Council staff member Mary R. Habeck; Col. Richard Kemp, CBE, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan; J. Peter Pham, editor-in-chief of the Journal of the Middle East and Africa; and Chatham House scholar Cleo Paskal, author of the 2010 book, Global Warring: How Environmental, Economic, and Political Crises Will Redraw the World Map.

The spring 2010 issue also includes the first English-language translation of the Russian government document, "The Foundations of Russian Federation Policy in the Arctic Until 2020 and Beyond," as well as an interview with Lieutenant General Henry Obering, USAF (ret.), former head of the Missile Defense Agency (MDA).

Also included are "Dispatches" from Italy, Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as reviews of four books: Ahmet Davutuglu’s “Strategic Depth, Turkey’s International Position;" "Eyes on the Horizon: Serving on the Front Lines of National Security" by Gen. Richard B. Myers; Dennis Gormley's "Missile Contagion: Cruise Missile Proliferation and the Threat to National Security;" and "Start-Up Nation: The Story of Israel's Economic Miracle" by Dan Senor and Saul Singer.

The Journal of International Security Affairs is published by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs, an independent, non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian educational organization.

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