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Naval Special Warfare Ops Viewed Up-Close

SEALs at Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek Host JINSA

A delegation of JINSA officers and members got the unique opportunity to get an up-close look at the Naval Special Warfare Groups (NSWG) based at the Naval Amphibious Base at Little Creek, Virginia in November 2007.

JINSA Chairman of the Board Mr. Mark Broxmeyer with Captain Chaz Heron, Commander of Naval Special Warfare Group TWO.JINSA Chairman of the Board Mr. Mark Broxmeyer with Captain Chaz Heron, Commander of Naval Special Warfare Group TWO.

NSWGs are composed of the Navy's elite SEALs (Sea Air and Land) and the operators of the watercraft that transport them to and from operations. Many of the SEALs and Special Boat operators JINSA met had just returned from Iraq. For most it was their second or third combat deployment of the war.

NSWGs equip, support, and provide command and control elements, SEAL platoons and Swimmer Delivery Vehicle platoons to U.S. military regional commanders.

Naval Special Warfare Group FOUR gave the JINSA delegation several capabilities demonstrations, including a ride along on two Mark V Special Operations boats in Norfolk bay. The Mark V is an 81-foot, medium range insertion and extraction boat for SEAL and other Special Operations forces in a low-medium threat environment.

Navy SEAL explains tactical communication gear to JINSA participants.Navy SEAL explains tactical communication gear to JINSA participants.

JINSA members also got a hands-on examination of the 11-Meter Naval Special Warfare Rigid Inflatable Boat, a high speed, high buoyancy, extreme weather craft with the primary mission of insertion and extraction of SEAL and other Special Operations personnel from enemy occupied beaches.

The JINSA delegation received a demonstration of house search operations as conducted in Iraq. The group observed a SEAL team breach a locked doorway and clear a multi-room dwelling, subduing hostiles.

Later in the day, the group received detailed briefings on Naval Special Warfare operations around the world and on combat conduct in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The evening before the tour, the JINSA group hosted a dinner for personnel from NSWG Groups TWO and FOUR. Rear Admiral Garry J. Bonelli, Deputy Commander of the Coronado, California-based Naval Special Warfare Command, attended the dinner as a special guest. The next day, the JINSA group enjoyed a working lunch with additional personnel from NSWG TWO and NSWG FOUR.

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