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JINSA's Mandate:

JINSA was founded in 1976 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization to advocate on behalf of a strong U.S. military, a robust national security policy, and a strong U.S. security relationship with Israel and other like-minded allies. JINSA's mandate is to:

  • Provide leadership and affect policy on crucial issues of national security and foreign policy;

  • Promote American security cooperation with like-minded allies including, but not limited to, Israel;

  • Engage the American defense community about the role Israel can and does play in securing Western, democratic interests in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions; and

  • Improve awareness in the general public, as well as in the Jewish community of the importance of a strong American defense capability.

JINSA Programs

JINSA Publications

With more than 30 years experience, JINSA has tremendous expertise in security matters. JINSA provides information, analyses and assistance to the defense establishment, the administration, Congress, the media, and JINSA members. JINSA designs its programs to promote American and Israeli security cooperation to benefit both countries. JINSA is Forward Looking - JINSA deals today with those issues that will impact upon American and Israeli national security tomorrow.

The Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs
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